“Science is the result of collaboration”

First and foremost programme that includes both biological and geological disciplines, and, certainly, purely palaeobiological subjects as well.

Being a Master of Geography, I always loved Geology, Stratigraphy and Palaeontology. As a teacher, these were my favourite topics to share with the students. When I heard about the Master Palaeobiology during the Fieldschool of BVP (Belgian Association of Palaeontology) in Krasiejów, I couldn’t resist. The study is broad treating all groups of fossils and systems of geological time. Subjects such as evolution, palaeoecology, taphonomy, ichnology, histology and bioinformatics are very useful and could not be missing. I enjoyed very much the practical sessions and of course the excursions. We learned to write in a scientific way, step by step, to be able to write a good thesis. The discovery of a new country and the company of international students completed the experience.

Hilde Desmet

MSc, Graduate of Palaeobiology

 I finished Geology studies at Vilnius University (Vilnius, Lithuania), but always wanted to get a diploma related to Palaeontology/Palaeobiology specialization. I made Erasmus+ internship at Opole University in 2018, and this how I got to know about Master in Palaeobiology program here. So, in 2 years I enrolled in that program like a student. It was an amazing and very interesting journey through many different subjects related to different aspects of palaeontology as histology, palaeogeography, palaeoecology, invertebrates/vertebrates and etc. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to meet new people from other countries, to be taught by greatest specialist of Poland in that area, and to have a possibility to participate in the practical lectures (field trips, excursions, museums). If I could turn time back, I would definitely repeat that adventure which lasted 2 years. Thank you for such great chance!

Darja Dankina

Phd, MSc, Graduate of Palaeobiology

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